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For 1 Night Only….

FOR ONE NIGHT ONLY…….MISS LINDA SHIPTON is returning to teach the “final” Adult Ballet Class on Zoom before it returns to the studios. ?We are inviting all ex-students (and new ones too) to join in the class on Monday 10th May at 6.00pm. It will be a step down memory lane for many of you and maybe the start of new beginnings for others. The class will cost just £5 and part of the fee will be donated to the charity, Young Minds. Please contact Miss Laura at to arrange payment and to get the link. Linda is looking forward to seeing you all at the barre ?

Miss Laura xx

2 thoughts on “For 1 Night Only….”

  1. YESSSSSSSS !!!! Im in. Can’t wait. I’ve been doing a bit of Les Mills Barre ( ballet fitness ) and loving it ,and thinking whether I’m too old to find a ballet class locally in Devon!

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