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Pupils (Girls & Boys) are accepted from three years approximately. Training is offered in Classical Ballet, Modern Theatre Dance, (including Jazz) and Tap Dance from Primary to Advanced level. Classes are also offered for adult amateurs in Tap. Each subject is taught in separate classes. An enjoyment of Dance is particularly encouraged whilst learning the necessary self discipline and poise of a dancer. All abilities of pupils are catered for, ranging from the talented child wishing to pursue a dance career to the “once a week” pupil who just loves dancing!
Live Pianist accompaniment is at most Ballet classes.
We also hold Drama Workshops whenever possible.
An important part of dance training is grooming and therefore pupils are asked to attend class correctly and neatly dressed. A separate uniform list is available with details of how to obtain all items.
The school year contains 33 weeks, usually divided into a 12 week Autumn term, a 11 week Spring term and a 10 week Summer term in order to coincide with educational school terms’ as near as possible.
Parents are invited to watch at the last lesson of each term.
The school is pleased to support many of the local amateur groups. The school is also pleased to be twinned with Revue et Coryphée, a Dance School in Ipswich’s twin town of Arras.